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  • How to connect with mobile application of Find great mind?

    In Find great mind Mobile app simply download the app form the app store or Google play store Once you have installed the app, Sign in with your Find great mind account or register new account it will make you easy to use. Find great mind Mobile app is great app and way of connected with your needs of projects and freelancers and get projects done on the go.

  • Find great mind easily provide to contact with seller and buyer. Every users can communicate with each seller and buyer. And also describe the needs.

    Users make sure they’re going to be able to turn projects around in a reasonable amount of time. Asking relevant questions to seller and buyer at the time.

  • Use findgreatmind’s search option to find the right freelacer for your project. Once you’ve found freelancer you’d like to order by clicking tasks.

  • In Find Great Mind sellers are self-employed as such it’s important to be clear about what is expected of you agreeing to work on a project.

    The Key different between buyer and seller in Find Great Mind is that purchase project from sellers whereas sellers offer their project for on Find Great Mind.

  • Register with Find Great Mind is easy step-by-step

    1. Select any browser and then type the URL “WWW.findgreatmind.com” like this

    2. After click the sign in menu in the menu bar. Then you can see a new window

    3. Click the “Join us today”

    4. Then registration form will be appear. Fill that form with your details. Then click “Join now” button.

  • Find Great Mind is a best service and platform for all people to exchange the projects with selling and buying.

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